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News and information about online business, marketing and sales. Published by Chuck Vosburgh at Pro Techniques.

What the new Digg Site Means to Your Business

Chuck Vosburgh - Thursday, August 26, 2010
The popular web site, has launched its redesigned site this week with one new feature that is important to business owners - RSS Auto-Submit. Getting an article on Digg is a great way to get a major increase in your traffic and helps your search engine ranking. The problem was that it was a good bit of work to submit your articles. Now it can be automatic. Here's how:
First, you'll need a free account, then in your settings you can add the address of your feed into the import feeds section. That's it. Of course you'll need an RSS feed and compelling content. You do have those, right? If not, e-mail me or call and I can help you get set up and get you help with the content too.
Time will tell how beneficial this will be, but I am convinced that it will be big.

Everything I need to know about online privacy I learned from my Mom

Chuck Vosburgh - Friday, May 21, 2010
FaceBook isn't private. Shocking!
There has been a lot of news and opinions lately about FaceBook and it's ever-changing privacy policies and I really can't see what all the fuss is about. When I was a boy, way before the internet was even thought of, my Mom told me something that has served me well over the years. "Don't ever put anything in writing that you don't want to have to answer for later". It was true then, and it's just as true now. I can't think of anything I could add to that statement that would make it any more clear and relevant.
It's always amazed me what people would put on their FaceBook, Twitter, blogs and other online media. I mean really, would you hand out flyers with all the news of your drunken escapades to everyone you know on Monday morning? Along with photos? Of course not! At least I hope that would be your response. But every day, millions of people do just that, and then some. Think. Someday you may be a Mom or a Dad, you may be looking for a job, you may run for public office or have a public career, you may meet someone special, your Mom or Dad may get a computer. Things that seem funny now may not be to them. Anything you put on the internet, or e-mail to anyone is public forever and once it's out there there's nothing you can do about it. A good friend of mine calls it "career limiting behavior".
If you're like most people, you have things out there that you would prefer people not see. That's okay, but stop and think from here on out. Decide what you want people to think of you, not just today, but in ten years and beyond. If you remember nothing else about online privacy remember this: Don't ever put anything in writing that you don't want to answer for later.
I'm glad my Mom is so wise.
Have you seen any career limiting behavior or have any stories? Put 'em in the comments below.