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Does it seem like you see the same thing over and over?

Chuck Vosburgh - Thursday, July 08, 2010
Take a look at these home pages. They all have something in common:

All five of these businesses seem to have the same staff.

You probably recognized these as a stock photo right away. Stock photos are ubiquitous on the web for good reason, they're fast and cheap. In fact this image came from a popular stock image site and probably cost about $3. The problem is, most everyone else recognizes them as stock images too. So what do you think that does to your credibility? I know, times are tough, and sometimes it makes sense to use stock images. But on a home page implying that these are your people? Come on.

Your image has value. It amazes me how many marketers who would cringe at the thought of wearing a suit that was fast and cheap will do this to their business without realizing it. I say there is no savings of money when your reputation is harmed. In fact, just the opposite. First impressions do count and it's a well known fact that people usually form an opinion about your business before they read a single word. I'm not saying never use stock images, they do have a place. Just don't risk your reputation for a few dollars.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments :)
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I posted an answer, but the more I read your comment, the more I think there isn any such term as the one you looking for. At the very least, such a term would have some edge cases. And so we could say that D# has a Offset of mac cosmetics 1 from D and Db has a Offset of -1, maybe.

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Either sandals or sneakers, they represent an innovative, if worn with the right attitude. Outstanding individual personality by their choice of platform or unit. The idea is their adaptability and creativity, things do not need a lot of money, but a good dose of creativity measurement,

end of September this year index and the underlying stock index, both fashion dresses the bull market gains are basically the same, while the bear market decline is far less than mac cosmetics the underlying stock index. This leads to a question, does fashion dresses the Christian mac makeup Louboutin UK change to Tin Fu to increase their investment, were already to be tricky? Thailand and Asia shares the "liberated" Guangzho Christian Louboutin Outlet u Tin Fu to become shareholders, the apparent transfer of benefits of the suspects. For this, Thailand and Asia shares should give the market a clear answer.

This CE semi dresses serves essentially to disponibilizar information to the buying potential, renter or leaseholder aquando of the celebration of the respective contract, on the energy efficiency and the waited mac makeup consumptions of energy in a normal use of the building. It also serves to indicate measured of performance improvement, with econ贸mica viability, that the proprietor can implement for the reduction of energy expenditures, contributing of this form for a bigger saving in the energy fcosts, improvement of the thermal christian louboutin comfort, reduction of CO2 emissions, valuation of the property in one future transaction, and also in terms of tax benefits. It compels State-Member to implement a system of energy certification (SCE) that,

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Shoes can sell very dear, particularly when only want to purchase them especially designed by famous designers. But, thankfully, wholesale shoes are excellent for someone who does not want to compromise style, but mac makeup also does not want to pay good money for shoes. It's to be remembered that you need to try to haggle for a lower price if you think the lot louboutin outlet is high-priced.

Combining mid calf boots with spring outfits takes very little effort once you know all your semi dresses options. In most cases, you can use the various styles at your own discretion. Generally, form-fitting mac makeup boots with higher heels elongate the legs and create a leaner appearance.

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When you go online to do research for your vacation you will immediately notice how [url=]louboutin mens shoes[/url] many different cruise lines there are to choose from. There [url=]louboutin men sneakers[/url] are many that cater specifically to families such as Disney and Nickelodeon. These cruises offer activities for both children and their parents making it a great louboutin outlet option for families looking [url=]mens louboutin[/url] for a trip that includes everyone.

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Example:A 250-kW turbine installed at the elementary school in Spirit Lake, Iowa, (pictured at left) provides an average of 350,000 kWh of electricity per year, more than is necessary for the 53,000-square-foot school. Excess electricity fed into the local utility system has earned the school $25,000 over five years. The school uses electricity from the utility at times when the wind does not blow.

#2 The coach adds more knowledge to the fashion dresses owner and the business. Most business owners are time challenged and don't have the luxury to learn as much as they'd like to or need to. The coach brings in knowledge in a timely fashion as needed. Treatment of obesity is christian louboutin [url=]louboutin outlet[/url] a major part of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic Surgery India has come up a long way and is gaining popularity among every individual. These low cost surgeries come in lucrative packages where you can get all information about the exact hospital, its location, surgeon and his fees, administrative charges, pre as well as post surgery expenses, medical expenses and etc
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Pretending to be sick, so weak and couldn't walk, Anansi red bottom shoes kept on groaning. Brer Tiger picked him up gently and put fashion dresses him on his back. Anansi said to Brer Tiger, can you please hand me the stick that is leaning in the corner so I can have it to help me walk when I get to the doctor.

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A sleeveless shirt allows its [url=]discount christian louboutin shoes sale[/url] wearer to work without hindrance. She can plunge her arms deep into any mess of bread dough, sewage, or medical specimen, while leaving her clothing unstained. But if a shirt has one sleeve? What was utilitarian becomes ludicrously useless.

Remember that those who do would still greatly appreciate a word or two in their native tongue. If they have great vocabulary and pronunciation, tell them. Attempting to speak the language is showing respect towards the nation and its peoples. If you can't mac cosmetics find this solution at your local pharmacy, you can request that your pharmacist make up a solution for you [url=]louboutin outlet[/url] consisting of 25% aluminum chloride diluted in water. Apply 2-3 times daily, continuing treatment for an additional two weeks after conditions improve. This solution will sting if applied to cracked or irritated skin so be sure and treat the mac makeup condition first with other anti-fungal topical solutions first to begin louboutin outlet the healing process,

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Apart from these the BMW has the R series and K red bottom shoes series as well. All the R and K series exceed the capacity of 1000cc. mac makeup The R series range from 1170cc to 1200cc while the K series are the fastest of all the series mentioned above. If it is said that stiletto just likes a dangerous temptation of weapon, while high wedge heel shoes have the fashion dresses rigorous and charming characteristics. Or [url=]louboutin outlet[/url] people may say that the thick heels represent retro style, stilettos stand for sexy, flat shoes delegate leisure and wedge heels on behalf of elegant. While by the spring and summer of 2011, the [url=]red bottoms[/url] wedge heel shoes subvert the regular single image before, and with the ever-changing looks to deduce the most fashionable shoes style again in this summer.

Emily is a higher priority for transplant than Shayde since she's had more symptoms. Because of their sizes, they are eligible for different sized hearts. Emily's heart will be from a toddler to a small girl and Shayde could take a heart from a small girl to a thin teen or small woman,

Shoes, glorious shoes. My goodness, we were in absolute heaven last night when we tottered down to the launch of the Christian Louboutin exhibition at London's Design Museum. The man himself was there in the most amazing silver-toed brogues and a very snazzy pair of red [url=]christian louboutin outlet uk[/url] trousers. mac cosmetics

Your frequency of use will impact your selection. If you plan to use a compressor a few times each month for tire inflation, Campbell Hausfeld recommends a tire inflation air compressor. In order to operate some air tools and inflate tires on an occasional basis, CH recommends home and auto maintenance compressors that range from 7-29 gallons.

Alaska's 33,000 miles of saltwater coastline, about double the coastline of Maine, and more than 130,000 miles of freshwater streams offer anglers christian louboutin plenty of options when planning a fishing trip. Trips vary from daily excursions to up to weeklong adventures with meals and lodging included. Visiting anglers don't need to worry about bringing fishing tackle or mac makeup other gear on their trips; the guide, operator or outfitter will either supply what is needed or provide specific instructions in information packets,

The numbers in absolute terms remain small: only 9,000 of the 1.8 million christian louboutin cars sold in India last year were luxury vehicles, but so far the slow and steady approach is paying off. "For all of these companies like Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini, sales have fashion dresses exceeded expectations, says Blokland. semi dresses "They're all very happy with the sales they've done here,
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The American Council on Exercise recommends bicycling as one of the top cardiovascular exercises since it provides an aerobic workout and strengthens lower body muscles. Stamina, the company behind several indoor exercise bicycle models, likely agrees with this statement. [url=]cheap foamposites[/url] Included with all their models are additional bonus functions to track your workout success and vary intensity.

We also had our first whole [url=]cheap [url=]osneaker[/url] lebron 10[/url] school run in the afternoon. They learned the route around the perimeter of the [url=]foamposites for cheap[/url] school grounds and some of them realized how important (or at least how much more comfortable) it is to have proper jordans retro outdoor running shoes. Our annual Terry Fox Run will be held next Thursday, September 27.

Brand name clothing does not generally have to be of higher quality than generic or no-name clothing. In fact, tests by consumer organizations often show no-name clothes to be more durable and better made nike sneakers than brand name clothes. So a good brand does not generally imply better quality, even though it is of course possible that nike sneakers in specific cases, brand name clothing is better than no-name clothing.

2 Baudrillard's best-selling book in Europe up until recently, incidentally, was called America, written in the late 1980s, in which he drives takes snapshots from Manhattan to Disneyland. The 'simulacra' riff has since spawned a legion of post-modern organ-grinders and critical theory air penny illusionists; each more snide, judgmental, and culturally superior than the next until they go on to write their dissertation on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Their critique of American culture is ludicrously blinkered (
xiyautaxl commented on 02-Feb-2013 02:57 PM
Smoothly swirl the wine around jordans retro (with the glass still on the table) to get [url=]foamposites for cheap[/url] an idea of its texture and volume. Take care not to swish so hard it sloshes out (although this can be used as a last resort should your friends start getting suspicious about your wine credibility). Indeed, if you're in charge of foamposites pouring, don't pour a full glass, as you'll need that extra room to swirl and swish the wine around without it spilling on the table,

You can do it yourself at home with your own old [url=]osneaker[/url] clothes in which you still appreciate the colors but you think the model is no longer fashionable. In this way, you can keep the clothes that you like and give them a new [url=]cheap foamposites[/url] look. All you need is a sew machine and a lot of imagination.

All rolled up? Get it? I was in Jamaica once and I asked the cab driver what a Rasta is. He said a Rasta is a righteous man who loves peace and love and Ganja. My goodness, The overwhelming response from the Air Jordan 3 Retro - Black Dark Charcoal - Black - Black Cat shoes fans made this becomes the most popular and sought after kicks Gold Medal Pack 2012. Among the Hip Hop Culture, Nike Air Force 1 should be seen as the most important ones, though, quite a few people are fond of the Air Jordan 3 much. [url=]lebron 10 for sale[/url] Regardless of the name being used on these new Michael Jordan shoes, the release date was bumped up by Nike in order to give retailers the chance to sell even more sets of these great foamposites new 'kicks'.

Make the caramel sauce: Pour 1 and a half quarts of milk and a cup foamposites of sugar into a large saucepan. Simmer the mixture over medium heat for 40 minutes, making sure not to let the milk boil over. Stir constantly until the sugar melts, turning light brown in color
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the tall

A girl who has chores to complete, dishes to [url=]unique prom dresses[/url] do and so forth. The minute you set on your favourite pair of shoes you christian louboutin are transported to yet another land completely. A land of the mac cosmetics enchanted and in which goals occur true and a location the place reality is [url=]formal dresses 2012[/url] far away! Because then you have purchased numerous other footwear from the similar brand and all of them have been fakes.

This jibes with another study from American [url=]formal dresses for juniors[/url] Express (the January Spend Save Report), which divides survey results into two mac makeup groups: Affluents (incomes over $100K) and Young Professionals [url=]cheap formal dresses[/url] (under 30, with a college degree and household income of at least $50K). In the survey, 33% of Young Professionals say they expect to spend more in 2011, compared to just 13% of the Affluents. For that matter, the average consumer surveyed here-not necessarily the average American consumer, who is less well-off than the average of those participating in this survey-anticipates saving less this year,

BunionsBunions are a foot deformity that occurs when the bone in the big toe juts out, becoming large and forming a large bump on the side of the big toe. A bunion, which is composed of tissues and bone, can be extremely painful--and fashion dresses can be fashion dresses made worse by wearing shoes that don't fit correctly, according to [url=]formal dresses[/url] the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Surgery isn't always necessary, but people with severe bunion pain that can't be improved (or those with a foot deformity that needs correction) may need surgery--and there are several different ways to tackle a painful bunion,

If you are [url=]cheap prom dresses[/url] thinking about selling, you can make up at least half of your investment. A homebuyer [url=]prom dresses on sale[/url] is likely to spend more on a home they know will offer energy efficiency. Though at least a portion of the upgrade mac cosmetics is included in your selling price, semi dresses the homebuyer only red bottom shoes sees the money they are [url=]semi formal dresses[/url] going to save on energy costs once they are living inside of the home.

Bountiful bosoms. Make sure you have the perfect strap and cup support. One key aspect to looking sexy is FEELING sexy so if you don't have the perfect support up front [url=]formal dresses[/url] it is hard to feel christian louboutin comfortable in your skin. 18 months ago I was in a job that I loathed. It's a long story that involves a psychopathic, bullying boss and months of heartache and stress but the bottom [url=]formal dresses for women[/url] line was that really I had to get out. To do this successfully, I wanted to learn the answer to one huge question: how to be your own boss
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victoria and albert mac cosmetics museum

While it is commonly known that Marilyn Monroe sang "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to John F. Kennedy in 1962, few remember that Audrey sang the song at his last birthday celebration in fashion dresses 1963. On a scale of 1-10, based on what I have read so far, I would christian louboutin give Skin a 7. There are a few things missing from the story which I generally like in a book. If I don't like a book at first, I generally tend to slacken off with reading it,

The city of Agra is well connected by rail, road and air. There is Agra Airport, about mac cosmetics 12.5 Km from downtown. There are three main railway stations in Agra: Agra Cantt, Agra Fort Railway station and Raja Ki Mandi. Almost everyone has semi dresses heard travel horror stories. From robberies fashion dresses to scams, it is important to be informed about what to possibly expect on your luxury travel vacations. The most common stories of being ripped off abroad involve currency, purchasing priceless artifacts and being trapped by taxis.

Dyeable shoes are an excellent choice for many types of events, the most popular being weddings. Being able to dye a pair of shoes is at louboutin outlet times necessary, because it is much easier to have shoes dyed rather than purchasing a new pair for each event. For some events the bride, the mother in law, or the entire wedding party finds dyeable shoes very appealing.

The shoes were certainly the right choice, considering that Portman and ballet dancer Millepied met and fell in love on the set of Black Swan. Portman played the lead role of Nina Sayer in the film about a young ballerina, and her performance saw her showered with awards in 2011: an Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild to name just three. But we guess the best rewardwas meeting Millipied who was the film's choreographer and the child which they [url=]louboutin outlet[/url] had shortly thereafter (they had announced their engagement and pregnancy in December 2010),

Regulatory requirements on high-visibility clothing stipulate three classes depending on work environment. Class one is intended for workers that work in traffic situations that do not exceed 25 mph. They may either guide or direct traffic. I appreciate her [url=]christian louboutin outlet uk sale[/url] enthusiasm, though, and finally South America begins to wake up, if you know louboutin outlet what I mean. I move in to grab her mac cosmetics a little bit firmer. Hey, if she wants it right here in the alley, who am I to say no? And she has a killer body
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the spa is costly

If fact in the scene where [url=]prom dresses on sale[/url] Joe Gillis gets mad at her and louboutin outlet slams the door at her face, and she faces the door pleading to Joe Gillis, and it just so happened that there was a mirror in the wall, was [url=]formal dresses for women[/url] the most terrifying two minutes of my stay in this film class. From where the camera [url=]formal dresses for juniors[/url] was angled, it appeared as [url=]unique prom dresses[/url] [url=]cheap prom dresses[/url] though Norma was looking at the audience, and Gloria Swanson's powerful eyes instantly wrecking [url=]formal dresses 2012[/url] the fourth wall that divides the cinema and the audience. And from where fashion dresses she mac cosmetics stood, we could see the side view of her eyes while in the mirror we could see the front view, it was just too much [url=]formal dresses[/url] to handle.

Rotate Your Shoes. It's only natural that your feet will perspire, regardless of material fashion dresses although to different extents. For this reason, it's important that you allow time for the inside of your shoes [url=]semi formal dresses[/url] to dry completely before wearing again. They use them to travel in style around their large red bottoms luxury estates. For movie stars custom cars are perfect for getting from one place to another at the movie studio. Adam Sandler has one that he loves for that purpose.

Cartier replica watches -There is definitely christian louboutin no secret of which Cartier Different watches are usually one of the much loved different watches [url=]formal dresses[/url] all over the world. Select one of exquisite and mac makeup common styles, and enjoy every single [url=]cheap formal dresses[/url] second around lifetime having our own remarkable watch associated with first-class quality on realistic price. Cartier is definitely popular to get developing rings works of art to get kings and entire fashion dresses world management.

Condition stimulus training is about making your training as real as possible so when your instincts take over in a high adrenaline stressed situation you are ready to use your environment to your advantage and not be hindered by it. Your mind will also be familiar with the stimulus and you will not freeze. mac makeup Many martial artists and practitioners of self defense programs become overwhelmed when their environment changes from a dojo setting to a small confined area
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There has been growing concern about some chemicals in sunscreen being carcinogenic (particularly oxybenzone, benzophenone,octyl methoxycinnamate, and octocrylene). These chemicals have been shown to increase the risk of malignant melanoma. Therefore for both children and adults it is safest to use sunscreens without these ingredients (for example sunscreens with zinc oxide as the sole ingredient),

4. Genesis Today's Omega orange juice: Most orange juice are just full of foamposites sugar, but Genesis Today's Omega orange juice contains the necessary vitamin C, and has [url=]jordans for sale[/url] a delicious creamy orange flavor. It's made DHA omega-3 fatty acids in every serving, and contains vitamins and minerals without the acid burn taste you get from [url=]nike lebron 10[/url] most of the orange juices on the shelf today,

American fashion has recruited military style again and again, recognizing the efficacy of military specifications and the charisma of heroic accomplishment. Virtually every factor of the military has been employed in civilian air penny fashion sooner or later, including epaulets, ball buttons, khaki adapted from the British military in India, nike sneakers [url=]cheap foamposites[/url] and olive drab. Special sartorial heroes have included A鈥? aviators' leather jackets, navy air penny blue as a standard of modern dress, sailors' drop鈥恌ront bell鈥恇ottom trousers, [url=]foamposites for cheap[/url] pea jackets, knit sweaters of sailors and commandos, aviator glasses, and camouflage appropriated to daily use.

Also being out in the cold affects it as well when going back indoors the joint tightens up and is quite painfull. From time to time it has a burning sensation and most of the time there is a slight sensation of pressure at that spot. I have no swelling in the joint now when this first happend I had all kinds of it
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Don't expect all that to razz the mac makeup Elys茅e. If the renewed turn to the extreme-right that Sarkozy took during a mega-rally March 11 drew fire at home and abroad, it has also coincided with an apparent rise in his re-election fortunes. Two polls taken since Sarkozy's speech proposing semi dresses anti-immigration and mildly Euroskeptic proposals have shown him closing or even surpassing the lead that Socialist front-runner Fran莽ois Hollande had long [url=]christian louboutin sneakers for men[/url] enjoyed.

Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is characterized by recurring fevers and the painful ignition of your mac makeup abdomen, lungs and joints. There is sevral treatment is available to [url=]christian louboutin sneakers for men[/url] reduce semi dresses the ignition and the fever. The treatment more successful for the family mediterranean fever is a red bottoms drug called the colchicine of colchicine is a drug, usually taken as pillule, louboutin outlet which reduces the ignition in your body.

All these fishing grounds are potential reserves for fish and shrimp. Most of the known commercial species of shrimps and fishes are harvested from these areas mac cosmetics by trawlers or mechanized fishing boats. Commercially important shrimp and fish species include tiger shrimp, karuma shrimp, cat fish, Bombay duck, snapper, flounder, Indian salmon, crocker, seabream, jawfish, mullet, pomfret, ribbon fish, anchovy, hilsa, oil sardine, tuna, mackerel and skipjack,

The recovery time of the remains of the death were christian louboutin very similar around 4 to 5 months. Both of the evidence was practically the same. In the Casey Anthony case they found hair in her trunk of fashion dresses her car, and in the Scott Peterson case they found his wife hair in his pliers.

These pumps function on a basic physics principle which is, when air is condensed, it will warm up. On the other hand, when air is uncompressed, it will cool down. When an individual puts her finger over a bike's tire pump and pushes and pulls the handle, she will observe that effect.

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These products have been in the market for nearly two decades and were prepared from the exact original formula developed by Dr. Ilona Schreck-Purola of the University of Helsinki. You can also use foamposites a conditioner for softening air penny your dry hair. Sustainable tourism is one of the pre-requisites of achieving sustainable development. the concept of tourism with sustainability and development air penny gets its historical inclusion from mass tourism that got flourished in 1960s due to advent of jet aircraft and the passions for tourism got tremendous following and it also reached Third World countries (Dann, 2002). It was also argued that this boost pushed organizations like World Bank and [url=]cheap foamposites[/url] UN to examine the cost benefit analysis of tourism and it was acknowledged that potential costs of tourism foamposites are far lower than financial benefits in shape of balance pf payment surpluses, infrastructure development, and [url=]nike foamposites[/url] employment and foreign exchange gains.

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