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News and information about online business, marketing and sales. Published by Chuck Vosburgh at Pro Techniques.

Does it seem like you see the same thing over and over?

Chuck Vosburgh - Thursday, July 08, 2010
Take a look at these home pages. They all have something in common:

All five of these businesses seem to have the same staff.

You probably recognized these as a stock photo right away. Stock photos are ubiquitous on the web for good reason, they're fast and cheap. In fact this image came from a popular stock image site and probably cost about $3. The problem is, most everyone else recognizes them as stock images too. So what do you think that does to your credibility? I know, times are tough, and sometimes it makes sense to use stock images. But on a home page implying that these are your people? Come on.

Your image has value. It amazes me how many marketers who would cringe at the thought of wearing a suit that was fast and cheap will do this to their business without realizing it. I say there is no savings of money when your reputation is harmed. In fact, just the opposite. First impressions do count and it's a well known fact that people usually form an opinion about your business before they read a single word. I'm not saying never use stock images, they do have a place. Just don't risk your reputation for a few dollars.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments :)
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